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What is your passion? Science!

There are many young adults in our community that are either studying ...

Annual Gathering Festival

Annual Gathering Festival 2015 The Annual Gathering is a special time of ...

(Sorry, There will be changes for YAM staff Job description)

Since there will be huge changes for the UK movement,  the job ...

IOW Young Adults Summer Retreat – ‘Steadfast’

IOW Young Adults Summer Retreat – ‘Steadfast’ The Young Adults Summer Retreat ...

Matching Education Seminar, 6th June

On the 6th of June Young Adults Ministry held a Matching Education ...

Matching Education Seminar

On the 6th of June Young Adults Ministry will be holding a ...

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Los Angeles CARP Project 2016

Los Angeles CARP Project 2016   Hello Everybody, In 2009 JP CARP Project started and many youths went to Japan and tasted the culture and  spirit of CARP. Finally, last year UK CARP set up a base at Lancaster Gate, the Church Headquarters in London in order to reach out and witness. UK CARP members are […]

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carp 2 days workshop

CARP’s first 2 day Divine Principle workshop

Hey everyone! The weekend before last we held our very first 2 day Divine Principle workshop. Over 20 young people attended to have a super fun time with people but also to understand the deeper truth of life through the Principle. The motto of this workshop was ‘Reading Life Through the Principle’. It specifically focused […]

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CARP Talk: Spirituality ~ Where can I find God?

‘To find’ 1. to discover or perceive by chance, unexpectedly or after a deliberate search. 2. Succeed in obtaining (something). 3. Discover or experience to be the case. (from the Oxford English dictionary) According to a poll conducted by YouGov in 2013, about 44% of young people in the UK claim to believe in a […]

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CARP talk

CARP TALK “Purpose”

The evening began with the second CARP Talk of the year hosted in Lancaster Gate by Samuel Read. The room was filled with joyful chatter as guests were welcomed into the event. Samuel spoke eloquently on the topic of Purpose; what is the purpose of life? There was a sense of focus in the room […]

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carp talk 11 nov2015


Last Wednesday, the 11th November ‘UK CARP’ held the first of a series of weekly events that will take place every Wednesday from 6:30pm called ‘CARP Talk’. The event was designed for outreach to students and is based on the American style CARP Talk structure they implemented during the momentum 2014 workshop. Ollie gave an […]

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Vacancy for Young Adults Ministry Director

Vacancy Young Adults Ministry Leader for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification UK Our church community is changing rapidly. The second generation of our movement are increasingly taking up leading roles. Already over half of second generation are over the age of 18 and by 2020 70% will over the age of 23. Soon […]

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Mentoring Kick-Off

Mentoring Kick-Off, 25th April Everyone is on a personal journey of growth/faith. There are always ups and downs but at any point on that journey it is one of the most valuable things to have an elder brother or sister to share with. The main aim of this scheme is to build strong elder-younger brother sister […]

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Cranes Club Europe

[vimeo 124778152 w=500 h=281] Cranes Club Europe from Young Adults Ministry on Vimeo. We warmly invite you to take part in the Cranes Club Europe Kick-Off, which will take place in Vienna on May 10th, (approx.) 15:00 – 18:00. The Cranes Club was initiated in Las Vegas in December last year as a network of young professional Unificationists, with […]

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Mentoring Kick off – 25th April

As you may be aware, we recently developed a mentoring scheme for the BCs in London. We would like to ask if you would be interested to participate as a mentor for the next 2 month period. Everyone is on a personal journey of growth/faith. There are always ups and downs but at any point on that […]

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Pregnancy Talk from Lisa Hayashi

On 28th March a group of sisters gathered together to hear a pregnancy talk from Lisa Hayashi. Lisa is a student midwife and extremely knowledgable in this field, she is also exceptionally talented with cooking and baking 🙂 The sisters helped with the final preparations for the dishes that Lisa had prepared. Lisa went through: […]

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