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CARP Catch-Up: #Goals

We hosted our final small group today (28/06/17) at Queen Mary’s university. ...

CARP Catch Up: End of Exams Dinner!

End of Exams Dinner report, Friday 2nd June 2017 It was a ...

CARP Catch-Up: Humility

31/05/17 Small group meeting in Queen Mary. Topic: Humility Time: 4-5pm Attendees: Yuriko, ...

Small Group Sessions

During this end of Spring/into Summer period, we are planning to host ...

End of Exams Meal 2017!

Join us for our final event of the year: a 2-course meal ...

CARP Catch-Up: Good Company

Lancaster Gate – 19.04.17 Last Wednesday we held a little event for ...

CARP Catch-Up: A reflection on Let’s Think Deeper!

“Let’s Think Deeper! See Your Life Through the Divine Principle!” CARP UK ...

CARP Catch-Up: Know Your Value – Jeungsun Shongwe

We gathered in the cafe for the final CARP talk of the ...

CARP Talk: Know Your Value, Jeungsun Shongwe

Jeungsun Shongwe, our lovely CARP Director will be sharing her personal insights ...

Let’s Think Deeper! See Your Life Through The Divine Principle

Our 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop for March will have the theme: “Let’s ...

DP Lecture Practice: The Principle Of Creation (Sections 4-6)

On Wednesday 8th of February, CARP held its second DP lecture practice. ...

CARP Catch-Up: Hack Your Motivation With One Easy Trick – Jonathan Hoyte

We welcome Jonathan Hoyte, a student of electrical engineering to give our ...

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DP Lecture Practice: The Principle Of Creation (Sections 1-3)

CARP Divine Principle Lecture Practice 25.01.2017 On Wednesday 25th of January, CARP held its first Divine Principle lecture practice of the new year. In CARP UK’s first year we would host lecture practices once a week. This event allowed those CARP aged 2nd generation to listen and experience lecturing the DP in front of an […]

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CARP Talk: Hack Your Motivation With One Easy Trick, Jonathan Hoyte

Join us for our February CARP Talk on Wednesday 1st, given by the awesome Jonathan Hoyte.   Jonathan is a 3rd Year Computer Systems Engineering student at City University of London.   Hack Your Motivation With One Easy Trick Looking at dealing with procrastination, having no motivation and gaining momentum.   What is a CARP […]

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CARP Catch-Up: Is Goal Setting Enough? – Hitomi Mingala

CARP TALK 18.01.2017 Hitomi Endo Mingala ‘Is Goal Setting Enough?’ On the 18th January 2017, we entered the new year with a CARP Talk. The title of the talk was ‘Is goal setting enough?’. A perfect sounding topic for the new year as many of us start making resolutions for the year. The title may […]

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CARP Talk: Is Goal Setting Enough? Hitomi Mingala

Hey everyone! Join us for our first CARP Talk of 2017 on the 18th January, given by CARP UK’s very own events manager, Hitomi Endo Mingala! Hitomi is a 3rd year university student, majoring in Korean studies. Is Goal Setting Enough? It’s the new year which means many of us have made news year’s resolutions. […]

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2017 Calendar

This year’s events:  

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An Outline Of CARP UK

What is CARP’s mission? Mission Statement: “To inspire and empower students to become true role models by engaging them in the study and the application of the Divine Principle.” What is our vision for this academic year 2016/17? Vision Statement: “To create a model and nurturing environment for the study and application of the Divine […]

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CARP Catch-Up: CARP Christmas Party 2016!

On Friday 9th of December, CARP held a Christmas party for all young people associated with CARP. This gave young adults and students a chance to dress up, chill and catch up with friends. Our MCs for the night were Howard Miller and CARP committee member Yu-jin Mingala (graphics designer), who helped bring up a […]

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CARP Catch-Up: Hope To Win – Carmel Mould

Hope To Win by Carmel Mould CARP Talk 7.12.2016 Wednesday 7th of December saw CARP’s final CARP Talk of 2016. The MC for the evening was Han-sun Nkumu (CARP UK Media), she welcomed the guests and introduced a short activity for the group to take part in.   The activity required guests to draw how […]

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CARP Catch-Up: Share My Passion! November

The Longest Fight You’ll Ever Have ~Hyo-Joo Song Share My Passion 23.11.2016 The evening began with an introduction of CARP UK and what Share My Passion events are about. Students and CARP members joined the audience as we opened the evening. Later a few more students trickled in as we started our activities. Yu-Jin Endo, […]

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CARP Talk: Hope To Win, Carmel Mould

Dear all, You are welcome to attend our next event: Hope To Win! Join us for the final CARP Talk of 2016 on the 7th December, given by CARP UK’s very own communications officer, Carmel Mould. Carmel will delve deeper into the idea of visualizing success in order to actually be successful in whatever you do. […]

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