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CARP Talk: Is Goal Setting Enough? Hitomi Mingala

Hey everyone! Join us for our first CARP Talk of 2017 on ...

CARP Catch-Up: CARP Christmas Party 2016!

On Friday 9th of December, CARP held a Christmas party for all ...

CARP Catch-Up: Hope To Win – Carmel Mould

Hope To Win by Carmel Mould CARP Talk 7.12.2016 Wednesday 7th of ...

CARP Catch-Up: Share My Passion! November

The Longest Fight You’ll Ever Have ~Hyo-Joo Song Share My Passion 23.11.2016 ...

CARP Talk: Hope To Win, Carmel Mould

Dear all, You are welcome to attend our next event: Hope To Win! ...

2016 CARP Christmas Party!

Hello all! You are warmly invited to our 2016 CARP Christmas party ...

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An Outline Of CARP UK

What is CARP’s mission? Mission Statement: “To inspire and empower students to become true role models by engaging them in the study and the application of the Divine Principle.” What is our vision for this academic year 2016/17? Vision Statement: “To create a model and nurturing environment for the study and application of the Divine […]

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CARP Catch-Up: Food For Thought 1-Day DP Workshop!

CARP UK Workshop 19.11. 2016 On Saturday 19th November, CARP hosted our first 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop. It is the 3rd workshop CARP UK has hosted, thus far. The theme for this workshop was ‘Food for Thought’. Our aim was to re-introduce the Divine Principle to CARP members who have already been introduced to the […]

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Share My Passion: The Longest Fight You’ll Ever Have – Hyojoo Song

Hi all! Get ready for our second Share My Passion of the year! This event is a great chance to hear about something different to whatever you study in university or for work, you never know how cool you may actually find the topic and want to look into it more. Our November talk will […]

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CARP Catch-Up: Mirroring Africa, Within And Beyond by Phoebe Ruguru

On Wednesday 26th October, CARP hosted its first ‘Share My Passion’ talk of this academic year. Phoebe Ruguru, a SOAS student of International Relations and Anthropology, was born in Kenya. She shared her passion for representing the great continent of Africa in its true light.  It was very insightful. MC for the night, Yu-jin Mingala, […]

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CARP Catch-Up: How To Gain Mastery – Yujin Mingala

The chilly November evening kicked-off with a brief introduction to CARP and the purpose of CARP talks from MC, Carmel Mould. We then moved quickly into an ice-breaker activity, where everyone was asked to make a paper aeroplane and write their names on it and two interesting facts about themselves. We then threw our aeroplanes […]

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Who is the CARP Committee? What is CARP doing this year 2016/17?

 Dear all, As you may have noticed during the past month or so, on Facebook, emails, events and the website, CARP has been building momentum! We have a newly-formed CARP team for this academic year 2016-2017! The focus of CARP UK is on young students aged 18-25. However, we are open to other young adults who […]

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CARP Talk: How To Gain Mastery, Yujin Mingala

On Wednesday 2nd November Yujin Mingala, our amazing CARP graphics designer will be giving the monthly CARP Talk on ‘How To Gain Mastery’. We’re really interested to hear what Yujin has to share, make sure to join us! For more event details click here. 43 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NA. £3 entry, dinner provided.

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Food For Thought 1-Day Workshop

Hope everyone’s doing well! Next month we plan to hold a refreshing and eye-opening workshop for all young people aged 18-25 who want to get into/back into the DP. A good place to restart and learn with friends. See you there! Scroll down for more details and registration. Or click here for the facebook event. […]

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Share My Passion! October – “Mirroring Africa…Within And Beyond” – Phoebe Ruguru

Hey all! We’ll be hosting our first SHARE MY PASSION Talk of the year here in Lancaster Gate. This event is a great chance to hear about something different to whatever you study in university or for work, you never know how cool you may actually find the topic and want to look into it […]

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