Food For Thought 1-Day Workshop

Hope everyone’s doing well! Next month we plan to hold a refreshing and eye-opening workshop for all young people aged 18-25 who want to get into/back into the DP. A good place to restart and learn with friends. See you there!

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Have you ever questioned how the universe got here?

Have you pondered what the purpose of human life is, thought is evolution real or asked yourself how did things go wrong? Did they go wrong? Is life the reality? What is real? What is love?

Well, this workshop is just for you!

The workshop will unpack the Divine Principle which is a thorough exploration of life and its processes. It will also investigate how we can apply it to our daily lives as young adults.

This workshop will focus on the three first sections of the Divine Principle in an in-depth and interactive exploration of certain aspects that relate to our daily lives and which help us to understand ourselves and human relationships.

There will also be a few talks on world affairs, socialism, science and religion, love and leadership. In addition to discussions, games and Q&A sessions.

Discover your self, something new and fuel your life!

18-25 years old: young people.



Come along & bring a friend too 🙂
Looking forward to an awesome day!


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