Who is the CARP Committee? What is CARP doing this year 2016/17?

 Dear all,

As you may have noticed during the past month or so, on Facebook, emails, events and the website, CARP has been building momentum! We have a newly-formed CARP team for this academic year 2016-2017!

Phoebe's Share My Passion October

Phoebe’s Share My Passion October

Beni's CARP Talk October

Beni’s CARP Talk October

The focus of CARP UK is on young students aged 18-25. However, we are open to other young adults who are willing to help us out whether they are working, pursuing careers or otherwise.

Our purpose is to raise young adults to become leaders who will positively impact society through the study and application of the Divine Principle. Therefore, the aim of CARP is to carry out activities which will allow each individual to fulfil their full potential through applying the Divine Principle to their own lives and futures.

1-Day DP Workshop November

How will we achieve this?

The CARP Committee and the CIG Missionaries have teamed up to witness on Queen Mary University of London campus to invite students to read and study the Divine Principle step-by-step together. 

We will host Divine Principle study sessions as well as chill together in smaller local groups. We will continue to host ‘CARP Talks’ and ‘Share My Passion’ Talks, on a monthly basis. Also, we plan to host seasonal/cultural events to expand our style and platform for witnessing.

New CARP Committee




Jeungsun Shongwe, Director

From: Birmingham

Age: 23

Besides CARP, currently: Studying 3rd-year Environmental Science in Queen Mary university.

Role: Provides leadership to UK CARP. A clear central person for administration, communication and vision.







Jeong-Hye Yeom, Events Co-Manager

From: Seoul

Age: 27

Besides CARP, currently: Taking a year to focus on European 2nd Gen after doing UPA in Korea. Sent by True Mother as special envoy for Europe and will take trips around the continent to visit other BCs.

Role: Helps coordinate the smooth and successful running of CARP events.







Hitomi Mingala, Events Co-Manager

From: East London

Age: 22

Besides CARP, currently: Studying 2nd-year Korean in SOAS university.

Role: Helps coordinate the smooth and successful running of CARP events.







Yujin Mingala, Graphics Designer

From: East London 

Age: 20

Besides CARP, currently: Taking a 3rd gap year to prepare for studies in animation, working.

Role: Design all artistic material for CARP promotions in any shape or form.







Patricia Monah, Finance Officer

From: Wellingborough, Northamptonshire 

Age: 20

Besides CARP, currently: Studying 2nd-year maths in King’s College University.

Role: Record and organise all financial matters to do with CARP.






Carmel Mould, Communications Officer

From: Ashford, Kent

Age: 20

Besides CARP, currently: On 2nd gap year after 1 year of STF Europe, working. Main focus is CARP.

Role: Emailing, website, social media. Bringing the media to the page to the public. Also frequent university campus DP study with new people.








Han-Sun Nkumu, Media and Journalist

From: Oxford

Age: 19

Besides CARP, currently: Studying Korean and preparing for studies in Korea.

Role: Photography, videos, blogging and writing reports.




We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that will make this year even better than the last. Our outreach style of CARP is meeting students on campus and inviting them to study Hoon Dok Hae, hear the Divine Principle on campus and invite them to workshops and CARP events. We are planning on starting small home group sessions for students who are advancing in their Divine Principle studies.

Yujin's CARP Talk November

Yujin’s CARP Talk November

Here’s how you can support us and/or join us: 

– Attend CARP events
– Attend witnessing (if you would like to attend the witnessing please contact Jeungsun Shongwe directly)
– Share testimony/give talk (if you would like to share a testimony or a talk related to CARP also contact Jeungsun)
– Keep updated with our activities via social media: Facebook, Instagram and email
– Attend workshops
– Donate to CARP
– Trying any creative way or initiating new projects

The Japanese Cheon-Il-Guk missionaries (Kaori, Norika, Aya and Yoshika) and special emissary to Europe, Jeong-Hye Yeom from Korea, are also contributing to CARP.












We would also like to say a big welcome to all the new high-school graduates, congratulations and we hope you can grow a lot through being involved in CARP. Thank you for your support and we welcome any new ideas and questions that you may have. We are looking forward to a new year of CARP and success as a community.

Let’s do it! 


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