CARP Catch-Up: How To Gain Mastery – Yujin Mingala

Yujin Mingala, our speaker for the evening’s CARP Talk.

The chilly November evening kicked-off with a brief introduction to CARP and the purpose of CARP talks from MC, Carmel Mould.

We then moved quickly into an ice-breaker activity, where everyone was asked to make a paper aeroplane and write their names on it and two interesting facts about themselves. We then threw our aeroplanes across the room, which was quite cool to watch. After this, each person, picked up a random aeroplane, found the person whom it belonged to and had a nice chat to learn more about that person. At this point the atmosphere was full of excitement to hear Yu-Jin’s CARP Talk.

Yu-Jin’s talk covered why it’s important to gain mastery over ourselves and how we can achieve this, how to think like God, and the importance of realising our identity. In relation to the point of realising our identity Yu-Jin mentioned the following quote:

Yu-jin used self-animated slides to illustrate the Divine Principle Perspective on mastery. For full details watch the video linked below.

“Your thoughts are the real you.” – Rev Sun Myung Moon.

Yu-Jin used the analogy that explained how to develop a healthy mind-set for improving ourselves. It was to change the auto-pilot of a boat in your desired direction through changing our mind-sets, rather than using brute force to change its direction. This mind-set, as Yu-Jin stated is the same as thinking like God.

“We gain mastery through our efforts in trying to connect to God.” The main point of Yu-Jin’s talk.

Here are a few comments from students who were in the audience at this CARP Talk:

“The talk was shorter than I expected, but it was good. Short and succinct”- Richard, King’s College

“It was the first talk I actually gained something from in a long time” – Amy, King’s College.

Following the talk, we had a warming dinner prepared by Hitomi who is working in the UK CARP committee. The meal was a spicy rice and curry. The audience then mingled and spent the rest of the evening in conversation with each other.

We hope our CARP Talks can continue giving inspiration and spiritual food to all who need it throughout the year.

Find the full video here:


Report by Carmel Mould

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