CARP Catch-Up: Food For Thought 1-Day DP Workshop!

CARP UK Workshop 19.11. 2016

_dsc8098On Saturday 19th November, CARP hosted our first 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop. It is the 3rd workshop CARP UK has hosted, thus far. The theme for this workshop was ‘Food for Thought’. Our aim was to re-introduce the Divine Principle to CARP members who have already been introduced to the Divine Principle. The topics we covered were the Introduction to the Divine Principle, Chapter 1: The Principle of Creation and Chapter 2: The Human Fall.


Illustrations Ice-Breaker

Our MC for the day was CARP Director Jeung-sun Shongwe, who explained to guests what the vision of CARP is and kick-started the day with an icebreaker game. In the games the audience drew an object which they thought represented themselves best. Jeung-sun then showing their illustrations to the whole group, asked the guests to explain why they think what they drew represents them. This allowed a warm and comfortable atmosphere in which the audience felt acquainted with each other.


The Principle of Creation, by Matthew Huish, FFWPU UK Director

Matthew Huish, National Director of FFWPU UK (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) gave the introduction to the Principle. Once everyone had a short break with refreshments and snacks, we welcomed back Matthew to start his talk on The Principle of Creation. “The most difficult question being the purpose of life.” We questioned “Who am I?”. The idea of purpose is connected with identity; if we have a Creator then does our relationship with that Creator define who we are? The last section of this chapter explored the relationship between the spiritual and the physical world. “This physical lifetime is a journey which will end. There is a spiritual world, and when our spirits leave the physical world, they reside there.” – Matthew Huish


Happy Audience

“Through reading the Divine Principle, I saw that the family is the school of love. I tried to put myself in my Mum’s shoes; waking up in the morning, going to work etc. When I thought about it deeply, I felt really touched. My mum is working so hard taking care of the three of us, and when I thought about it on a deeper level, I got to understand how God feels looking after 7.5 billion people.” – Bun-jin Sukutamba

The second talk: The Human Fall, was given by Pastor Franklin Fortune of FFWPU. Pastor Franklin explained The Fall as something that went wrong; instead of humans becoming God’s beautiful sons and daughters, we became dysfunctional. He then went on to say “This is not a story from thousands of years ago, it is still happening today. We see it every day.”
He also mentioned that our reality is a contradiction. We have a conscience and with this we are able to do good, but on the other hand we tend to create more evil and do bad.
We also explored the symbolism of the Genesis story of Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden, which is so often misinterpreted. The misuse of love has caused so many problems in our world.


The Fall, by Franklin Fortune, FFWPU Pastor

The audience’s reaction was generally of intense realisations. One of our CARP members shared:
“Whenever I had gone into work and things made me angry, I always blamed God for it, and thought that he hated me. But after hearing about The Fall, I realised what was going on. So now I realise that I shouldn’t be blaming God anymore.” – Della Robinson



After all the talks, CARP members discussed in groups their opinions and views and had the opportunity to share publicly with the whole group. We then mingled, entertained ourselves with games and dined on a delicious street-style spin on a Japanese dish! The workshop was a great success with over 15 members in attendance and a great atmosphere! It was a great starter for our future workshops.

You can watch the Introduction Talk HERE.

Report by Han-sun Nkumu, Media



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