CARP Talk: Hope To Win, Carmel Mould

Dear all,

You are welcome to attend our next event: Hope To Win!
Join us for the final CARP Talk of 2016 on the 7th December, given by CARP UK’s very own communications officer, Carmel Mould.

Carmel will delve deeper into the idea of visualizing success in order to actually be successful in whatever you do. She will discuss how taking that step of faith in yourself and your will to finish what you have started in life, will help us break through and accomplish something!

Carmel Mould finished one year of STF Europe (character development programme) in the summer of 2016, and is currently taking her 2nd gap year to volunteer with CARP UK.

What is a CARP Talk??
Every month, a speaker will share with us a life lesson that they have personally learned through their own life experiences and realte it directly to the Divne Principle. Their talk will highlight one of the ‘7 Core Principles’ we hold at CARP UK.

This talk is tailored for young adults and students who are approaching a new stage in life or even just pondering the looming new year, 2017. Now that 2016 is approaching fast, I am sure we are all thinking about what to do next, but maybe you’re worried or feel hopeless about your situation. This talk will guide you.

It is a great opportunity to hear a wholesome and thought-provoking talk and to engage in refreshing discussion with like-minded people or new thinkers! Don’t be shy!


  • Wednesday 7th December
  • 6.30pm
  • 43 Lancaster Gate W2 3NA Cafe
  • £3 Entry – Meal Provided

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