CARP Catch-Up: Hope To Win – Carmel Mould

Hope To Win by Carmel Mould

CARP Talk 7.12.2016

Our MC, Han-sun

Our MC, Han-sun

Wednesday 7th of December saw CARP’s final CARP Talk of 2016. The MC for the evening was Han-sun Nkumu (CARP UK Media), she welcomed the guests and introduced a short activity for the group to take part in.  

The activity required guests to draw how they visualise their success to be in the future and then explain why they drew that particular picture. All the illustrations that were shared were heartfelt, honest and some quite comical. The ice-breaker activity linked us nicely with the content of Carmel Mould’s CARP Talk to visualise success in order to be successful in the future.

Yu-jin sharing about her success picture

Yu-jin sharing about her success picture

We had the pleasure of having a member of the CARP Committee, Carmel Mould (Communications Officer) to give the main talk. Carmel started her talk by asking the group “what are the qualities of a winner?”. The answers ranged from “confidence” to “achievement”. Carmel then continued to share that when people are trying to get somewhere or something important (Carmel gave her example of recent job interviews)  we can rush and stress too much resulting in our inability to ignore our surroundings until we see our destination, then it becomes easier to focus on the goal! However, when we see the result, the destination or really believe that we can reach the object of our journey, it is much easier to have the determination to continue to the end.


Our speaker, Carmel Mould

“It’s important to see and believe that you can reach the end goal, to actually get there.”

Carmel made the final point of why it’s important to have a higher purpose behind one’s goal. She drew-upon the Divine Principle (Chapter One, The Principle of Creation, section 3)- This section talks about everything in the universe having dual purposes (purpose of the whole and purpose of the individual- internal nature and external form). In an ideal world these dual aspects should work together in order to create harmony and our desires and goals to be fulfilled.

Good to see old faces

Good to see old faces

“The reason that society is the way it is, is because it’s a reflection of the individual.”

For Carmel, a higher being is God. Making reference to her individual dream of becoming a successful songwriter, but for it to not only be something individual to benefit the whole. The whole could be one’s family, friends, society, your country. Carmel explained her success to be able to help to influence young people and portray a better image of the women in the music and change it for the better.

“When the whole and the individual are working harmoniously together, it should look a little like Yin and Yang”

We closed the night with some friendly chatter and delicious vegetable curry made by CARP Committee member Hitomi Endo.

Thank you Carmel for giving us such an insightful last talk of the year, preparing us for a successful new year!

You can watch the full video HERE.

Report by Han-sun Nkumu (Media)



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