CARP Catch-Up: CARP Christmas Party 2016!

Our MCs, Howard and Yu-jin

On Friday 9th of December, CARP held a Christmas party for all young people associated with CARP. This gave young adults and students a chance to dress up, chill and catch up with friends. Our MCs for the night were Howard Miller and CARP committee member Yu-jin Mingala (graphics designer), who helped bring up a lively atmosphere for the duration of the party.

The Mystery Drawing Game…

There was a Christmas-like atmosphere as guests entered the ballroom of 43 Lancaster Gate, being welcomed by the sight of fairy lights, crackers, and other hand-made decorations coordinated by Yu-jin. We played games and took part in a quiz, receiving prizes that included sweets and Christmas socks.

Carmel and Amy’s performance

Throughout the night we enjoyed performances firstly from MC Howard Miller, who played two classical piano pieces beautifully. After this Soon-hee played and sang a self-accompanied medley of two Christmas songs, definitely getting us into the festive spirit. Later on, CARP committee member Carmel Mould (communications), and Amy Brown sang with guitar two songs as well.

As we watched performances we were also able to enjoy delicious main course (lasagna, chicken, potatoes and vegetables) and an apple crumble desert. I found myself laughing as I watched people slowly leave their seat to get another plateful. CARP committee’s Hitomi Mingala (Events), worked from the afternoon to prepare the food for the party, along with the help of fellow committee member Patricia Monah (Finance) and Kaori, Norika, Aya and Yoshika (the Cheon-Il-Guk missionaries). Thank you for your hard work in preparing the delicious food!

The scene, beautifully decorated and full of old and new faces to CARP

The night slowly came to a close, but what’s a party without a photo booth! Those who were working throughout the day, also prepared a photo booth with Santa hats and reindeer antlers. Our event photographer, Samuel Shongwe, worked hard to take photos for the guests that wanted one…or a few – they all came out looking great.

Shaw siblings shoot

 I saw people’s faces as they were taking photos or just talking, and I had a great feeling of how successful this evening was and how hard everyone had worked to make the party possible. The night ended with bright faces and laughter; in my opinion, the best way to end an evening.


Lad picture

Report by Han-sun Nkumu (Media)


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