DP Lecture Practice: The Principle Of Creation (Sections 4-6)

On Wednesday 8th of February, CARP held its second DP lecture practice. This week we had Jacques Sukutamba (lecturing Chapter 1 sections 4&5), and Amy Brown (lecturing section 6).

Their styles of lecturing the Divine Principle were very different, but similar in the way that they were able to move the audience’s hearts.

It was Jacques’ first time to give a lecture and to say we were amazed is an understatement! His lecturing was an in depth exploration of his given sections; you could tell he had spent a lot of time researching and preparing. He received a lot of positive constructive feedback from the audience and shared that he even learnt a lot from the whole experience.

Amy’s approach to lecturing the Divine Principle was somewhat of a trial run; which by the end of her lecture proved successful. Amy took a more context approach to her lecture. Focusing on the psychological relationship of love between the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. It was very relatable, especially from the perspective of a group of students. She even moved a member of the audience to tears. Wow! Amy’s feesback was also very positive.

Thank you and well done Amy & Jacques! The passion for searching and exploring the Divine Principle was so personal and very stylish- it really shined through. There is definitely hope for the future!

Report by Han-sun Nkumu (Media)


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