Let’s Think Deeper! See Your Life Through The Divine Principle

Our 2-Day Divine Principle Workshop for March will have the theme: “Let’s Think Deeper! See Your Life Through The Divine Principle”. It will be held in Livingstone House from 6.30pm Friday 24th March – 12pm Sunday 26th March!

This workshop is for anyone studying in uni or of the ages 18-25 who want to gain a deeper insight into life and the Divine Principle. This workshop is organised by the CARP Committee, so if you have questions please approach a member of the team, contact us via social media or email us at carpsocietyuk@gmail.com

You will need to bring:

  • £40 fee to cover the workshop
  • A sleeping bag (essential)
  • Toiletries and clothes for 2 nights
  • Notebook and pen

You can apply by clicking on the picture or here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Designed by Yuin Mingala


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