CARP Catch-Up: Know Your Value – Jeungsun Shongwe

We gathered in the cafe for the final CARP talk of the year, anticipating a wholesome and enjoyable sharing from our speaker, Jeungsun Shongwe(CARP UK Director).

Our speaker, Jeungsun

After an introduction to CARP and a quick warm-up game led by our MC, Carmel Mould (CARP communications officer). We then jumped straight into Jeungsun’s talk entitled “Know Your Value”. Jeungsun specified at the beginning that her perspective is linked to original value as discussed in the Divine Principle, but she further explained the need to know who our (human beings) creator is, where we come from (our origin), and we should act in a way that we are progressing to an end goal in our lives. Jeungsun posed an interesting question to the audience, “what does value mean?”

She picked up on our desire to do the things that we love, our responsibilities (e.g. studies) and what makes us happy; outlets such as music and sports, to understand ourselves and our relationship to God better. Furthermore, Jeungsun asked us where people experience feeling valuable. In the end she put it down to having healthy give and take relationships centering on God. For example, enjoying studies – studies being the object and myself being the subject.

The audience

Jeungsun also went on to share her experience from a few years ago going through a low time in her life. When she lost motivation and a sense of value- depression. This is a very common phase that many students can relate with. Through determination to build up healthy relationships with a youth group that she was involved in at the time and some much needed good advice from her aunty, to understand more her relationship with God and His need for her, Jeungsun was able to realise her identity and direction in life. Knowing God is how to be deeply rooted and have a good basis for healthy relationships both with other people and within our own beings. Knowing God means knowing our original value.

Big Game

The talk itself was quite a poignant and short summing up of the essence of many CARP members’ lives right now; trying to understand ourselves and God through healthy relationships with others and with God. Some were moved at this momentous event which marked the end to our CARP Talk activities.
To end the evening we played a fun character guessing game with 17 people making up the whole group. We all enjoyed pasta for dinner, prepared by Hitomi Mingala (CARP event co-manager) and her husband Seung-tae Yeom. Overall there was a warm and refreshing atmosphere; many thanks to the CARP Team and all who made it to this sweet evening, for making our final CARP Talk of the semester (year 2) – so great!
 You can listen to the CARP Talk here.
Report by Carmel Mould


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