CARP Catch-Up: Good Company

Lancaster Gate – 19.04.17

Jeff Bateman, our speaker

Last Wednesday we held a little event for young people who have grown up familiar with the Family Federation (the movement CARP developed from), to listen to a more experienced member share the story behind why they appreciate the Divine Principle and the lifestyle it leads to. Also, we played a couple of games and ate dinner together. Who doesn’t love a good lasagna and some quality Werewolf?

Jeff Bateman, being introduced to the Divine Principle in the mid-70s, gave a really insightful and honest sharing on his experience growing as an individual as well as striving to achieve personal “quiet goals” in his life. It was truly heart-warming, to say the least.

From a personal point of view, we have had a range of responses and atmospheres at our CARP events this year, but I have to say I think this was one of my favourites if not my number one. There’s something really cool about a talk when you know that you can reflect on your own life of faith while listening, and yet still feel value in yourself and inspired.

Some of the audience listening to the testimony from Jeff

Honestly, it was only a few hours together but it felt so precious and I wish I could find more instances in my life to receive content openly from someone, an environment of a true attitude to learn and be able to swiftly glide into chill games afterwards. I guess it just comes down to an atmosphere of heart. This is the kind of culture I hope we can cultivate in coming years; being able to listen to our elders, yet with a feeling of being equal and on the path to great things.

Werewolf game

After hearing a few testimonies from elder people recently, about how they came to understand the Divine Principle and the journey to being able to even hear about it…It really makes me question how much I really seek for truth and want to make something of my life. It really doesn’t matter if I grew up learning about this book all my life, because it will give me no answers if I have asked no questions.

I really hope we can turn this into a series next semester. Many thanks to Jeff and the organisers, it was a well worthwhile Wednesday.

Reflection by Carmel Mould


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