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CARP Catch-Up: Being You

‘Being You’ CARP Talk, 4th October 2017 Samuel Read, graduate of Politics and Economies, inspires CARP members by giving a talk on discovering yourself through one’s studies. On the 4th of October, CARP UK held its first CARP Talk of the academic year. CARP members gathered in the middle of the week to share experiences […]

CARP Talk: Being You by Samuel Read

You are invited to the October CARP Talk on 4/10/17 – the first CARP talk of the year! What is a CARP Talk?? Every month, a speaker will share with us a life lesson that they have personally learned through their own life experiences and realte it directly to the Divne Principle. Their talk will […]

CARP Catch-Up: Freshers’ Convention 2017

CARP UK Freshers’ Convention 2017 Saturday 23rd September On the 23rd of September, over a dozen new and current CARP members gathered together for the first CARP event of the academic year. This gave them the opportunity to bond with one another, gain internal guidance before beginning the first semester of university and to enjoy […]

CARP Freshers’ Convention 2017

All university students are very welcome to attend our Freshers’ Convention on Saturday 23rd September! This event is a great start to the year and the perfect opportunity for curious and open minds to learn about what carp actually does and join in! We have a great panel of speakers ranging from young to old, fun […]

CARP Catch-Up: #Goals

We hosted our final small group today (28/06/17) at Queen Mary’s university. 1st-year CARP student Joseph and Israa attended, with Yuriko Rosselli and Suzuko Wood, So-hoon Jeon (UPA intern) and I at the meeting. It was a lovely short and sweet meeting- we just got to read a few pages from the chapter ‘Find your purpose, change […]

CARP Catch Up: End of Exams Dinner!

End of Exams Dinner report, Friday 2nd June 2017 It was a fantastic, light-hearted and fun atmosphere we made together at this event. Although many young people could not attend this due to ongoing exams, work or other reasons, 34 attendees were present, including 5 new CARP members from Queen Mary’s university. I started off […]

CARP Catch-Up: Humility

31/05/17 Small group meeting in Queen Mary. Topic: Humility Time: 4-5pm Attendees: Yuriko, Suzuko, Kaori, Norika, Aya, Yoshika, Jeungsun, So-hoon, Hitomi, Joseph, Seungtae and Rahme. We started everything off with brief introductions of ourselves and the ice-breaker game ‘2 truths and a lie’. (Around 30mins) We then took turns reading a paragraph each from the book […]

Small Group Sessions

During this end of Spring/into Summer period, we are planning to host a small group every 2 weeks for the purpose of keeping regular meetings going and to refresh. During this time some are perhaps finished with exams, others perhaps starting, we want to provide a space to meet each other in the run-up to […]

End of Exams Meal 2017!

Join us for our final event of the year: a 2-course meal and an evening of classic CARP fun. We’re celebrating everyone’s hard work for the year, especially students finishing their uni exams. To attend, please RSVP here. You can view the facebook event here. Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

CARP Catch-Up: Good Company

Lancaster Gate – 19.04.17 Last Wednesday we held a little event for young people who have grown up familiar with the Family Federation (the movement CARP developed from), to listen to a more experienced member share the story behind why they appreciate the Divine Principle and the lifestyle it leads to. Also, we played a couple […]