An Outline Of CARP UK

cropped-carp-uk-web-icon.pngWhat is CARP’s mission?

Mission Statement: “To inspire and empower students to become true role models by engaging them in the study and the application of the Divine Principle.”

What is our vision for this academic year 2016/17?

Vision Statement: “To create a model and nurturing environment for the study and application of the Divine Principle by offering 1-on-1 Divine Principle study groups, hosting educational and training workshops and inspiring young people through CARP Talks and Share My Passion events.”

What does CARP stand for?

CARP’s 7 Core Principles:

1.We all come from a God of love.

2. We all ultimately want to experience joy through healthy give and take.

3. Each person has incredible potential to discover their original value.

4. We have freedom and responsibility to create our future.

5. We mature our character through living for the sake of others.

6. We were designed to experience the beauty of true love through creating a family with someone.

7. We contribute to society through mastery of our unique creativity.

And what’s more, you could become a member of CARP UK for just £20/year. Perks: 10% off workshop fees, your own CARP T-shirt and all event fees covered. Sign up at the next CARP event you attend! 🙂


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