Small Group Sessions

During this end of Spring/into Summer period, we are planning to host a small group every 2 weeks for the purpose of keeping regular meetings going and to refresh.

During this time some are perhaps finished with exams, others perhaps starting, we want to provide a space to meet each other in the run-up to this Summer. It’s a great opportunity to discuss a specific topic and broaden our perspectives by listening and learning from others.

We are hosting our small groups in Queen Mary’s University. Please feel free to join us even if you’re not a student there 🙂

From 4pm, we’ll be meeting to do things including a variation of:
– Reading from the World Scripture (Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s core textbooks)
– Catching-up and chilling with each other
– goal setting
– location: QM, The Curve Cafeteria, 4pm, (1st small group will be 31st May)

Looking forwards to seeing you there! We plan to do this twice a month. 🙂

These small group sessions will be led by Hitomi Endo-Mingala and So-hoon. ? The topic for the first one will be announced very soon.


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    We want to be in connetion with you.

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