CARP Catch-Up: Humility

31/05/17 Small group meeting in Queen Mary.

Topic: Humility

Time: 4-5pm

Attendees: Yuriko, Suzuko, Kaori, Norika, Aya, Yoshika, Jeungsun, So-hoon, Hitomi, Joseph, Seungtae and Rahme.

We started everything off with brief introductions of ourselves and the ice-breaker game ‘2 truths and a lie’. (Around 30mins)

We then took turns reading a paragraph each from the book World Scripture, the section titled humility. Discussion questions in relation to the text were:

1. What does being humble mean to you? 

2. Why do we have to be humble? 

3. Do you agree that humble people always win the respect of others?

Discussion was light and never got to the point of being intense and heavy.

Some nice points were brought up such as humility being a means to help us love and learn from others more easily. Rahme related humility to ramadan; a way to understand those less fortunate than ourselves.

It was nice having the two elders present as they could share a lot and we could learn a lot from them too.

Thank you everybody^^

Report by Hitomi Endo Mingala


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