CARP Catch-Up: #Goals

We hosted our final small group today (28/06/17) at Queen Mary’s university. 1st-year CARP student Joseph and Israa attended, with Yuriko Rosselli and Suzuko Wood, So-hoon Jeon (UPA intern) and I at the meeting. It was a lovely short and sweet meeting- we just got to read a few pages from the chapter ‘Find your purpose, change your life’ from Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s autobiography. Joseph shared that what struck him the most from that chapter was “exercise saves lives”. This was because Rev. Moon talks about the importance of having exercised every morning and evening since childhood to maintain physical health and strength.

Reading that short excerpt from the autobiography was supposed to inspire us to set goals for this Summer holiday. These goals will help us to maintain a dynamic and exciting lifestyle with the understanding that we have a definite purpose in our lives.

Then we discussed the reading based on 2 questions about the purpose of our lives and the importance of goal setting. Israa was very inspired, but Joseph was a little indifferent about goal setting, as he doesn’t usually set goals and didn’t know what to focus on. He settled with continuing to work during the Summer as his goal. We then set 1 goal for the next 3 months until the next semester.

It’s always nice to share in small groups and inspire each other. This especially was an important meeting as CARP will not meet together like this until September, due to the majority of CARP members going on holiday and unavailable for activity.

Thanks for a great year of building a happy, real, friendship-based community!

Report by Jeungsun Shongwe



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