CARP Catch-Up: Being You

‘Being You’ CARP Talk, 4th October 2017

Samuel Read, graduate of Politics and Economies, inspires CARP members by giving a talk on discovering yourself through one’s studies.

On the 4th of October, CARP UK held its first CARP Talk of the academic year. CARP members gathered in the middle of the week to share experiences from their first few weeks at university, let loose from the stress of day-to-day life and, of course, gain inspiration. An older CARP member, Samuel Read, gave the CARP talk upon which he focused on the topics of creativity, motivation and knowing oneself. He shared his experiences and understanding in an interactive and charismatic way which had the room nodding in approval in response to his insights.

Our speaker, Samuel Read

Our MC, Carmel Mould, and some of the audience


He emphasised the importance of having a deep internal motive while studying, as the purpose of studying should not be just to graduate with a decent degree, as there’s much more we can gain from studying at university or starting something new. He conveyed how we should aim to be life-long learners and that we should not simply aim to ‘survive’ but thrive through becoming “deep learners”. These insights were applicable in many aspects of our lives, not just our studies.

Audience members

All the best! Report by Joshua Mcguigan

Watch the full video of the talk here.


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