CARP Catch-Up: Freshers’ Convention 2017

CARP UK Freshers’ Convention 2017

Saturday 23rd September

On the 23rd of September, over a dozen new and current CARP members gathered together for the first CARP event of the academic year. This gave them the opportunity to bond with one another, gain internal guidance before beginning the first semester of university and to enjoy the laid-back, friendly atmosphere that CARP offers. Many of the attendees were in fact ‘freshers’, those going into their first year of studies in universities such as Queen Mary’s, Brunel and Greenwich.

Toby Suda, one of our speakers

Doors opened at midday for teas, coffees & freshly made waffles before MCs Jeung-sun and Joshua (myself) introduced the event followed by an icebreaker game of “First Impressions”. Yujin (graphics designer) proceeded to introduce CARP UK, in which she presented CARP UKs 7-core values, future activities and goals in a confident and clear style. Jeung-sun presented next, with a to the point testimony of her time with CARP UK in which she shared what she had gained over the past three years with CARP. We broke for a delicious lunch prepared lovingly by our CARP mentors and continued to appreciate the good company as well as take the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces.

After lunch, Toby Suda, an older CARP member who graduated from Film & Media studies in 2016, offered precious insight into the world of university life. He shared his experiences, gave advice on how to tackle inevitable challenges students face and provided practical ways on how to overcome these difficulties. His down to Earth approach to the topic along with his humorous manner engaged the young people and got many reflecting upon their own personal motivation for going into higher studies. He emphasised the value of having this higher, more personal motivation to go into studies, as it drives you to understand one of the world’s most important values: working hard. Afterwards, Uncle William Haines gave a talk on the topic “Communism – Then and Now” in which he provided insight into how communist teachings of the past still impact modern day societies and day-to-day thinking.

Jeung-sun Shongwe giving a testimony on her experience with CARP

Yu-jin Mingala explaining a game

William Haines, one of our speakers








We then took part in the games “Parliament” and “Charades” the latter of which had the whole room in stitches of laughter. Fun and useful prizes were handed out to the lucky winners from a USB, a notebook and even a £20 Amazon gift voucher. The day closed with another appetising meal which brought to an end a day of guidance and good company. For many, this event gave new-found conviction to take on the new year at university.

Ice-breaker game


CARP wishes all the best for those going into, or continuing on with their studies and hopes that through future activities we can continue to support and provide an encouraging environment for young people to grow.

All the best of luck!

Report by Joshua McGuigan (Journalism & Media)




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