CARP Catch-Up: Halloween Meet ’17

CARP Halloween Meet-up!

CARP UK Halloween meet-up report, Friday 28th October 2018

On the 27th of October, CARP organised a Halloween Meet in which CARP members gathered to share the spooky spirit whilst taking a break from the stress of university by enjoying one anothers company. Beni (Education Director) kicked off the event at 6:00pm with a brief introduction to the evening and CARP UK. An icebreaker proceeded which gave members who didnt know each very well a chance to share opinions, interests and occasionally, the odd joke.

Beni followed this with an explanation of the rules of the evenings main activity – Ultimate Werewolf. Once everyone was caught up to speed, the engaging game began which involved guessing who-was-who, figuring out whos bluffing and ultimately, working together to track down the werewolves. It was a new experience for those who hadnt played the role-playing game before, as well as hilarious for those well-versed in the rules. Two games of werewolf were played with the second game proving more tense and frantic as those who hadnt played previously, understood the game better.

The Ultimate Werewolf brought the event to dinner, where pizza was heartily enjoyed alongside an assortment of snacks from Halloween candy to vegetable dips – for those health enthusiasts. Over dinner, CARP members took the opportunity and caught up with one another, with discussions ranging from the struggles of group presentations to coping with weird sleeping patterns. Games of Just Dancebrought the evening of jokes and Werewolf huntingto a close.

CARP UK hopes that those who attended could appreciate the break from university stress and delight in the welcoming atmosphere CARP strives to provide.

All the best for the rest of the semester!

Report by Joshua McGuigan


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