CARP Catch-Up: Share My Passion – Art

Ruth Johnson ‘Art’ Share My Passion Talk

Share My Passion talk report, 8th November 2017

Ruth Johnson, a graduate of Graphics, gives insight into how creativity through art can be used to better the society we live in.

CARP members gathered for CARP’s first ‘Share my Passion’ talk of the academic year in which Ruth’s interpretation on the topic of ‘Art’ engaged the attendees,  sharing how she has used her talent in unique ways. Since having graduated university, Ruth has been greatly involved in youth development programs in which she has worked to encourage young people to reach their full potential. She has strived to use her talent to delve into various art forms in creative and unexpected ways which has not only benefited herself, but those around her.

Our speaker, Ruth Johnson

She showed examples of how art can be expressed in creative ways from special effects in films to drawings and stop motion puppets. The talk gave attendees the opportunity to view art in a different light and made them realise the positivity that comes by having a creative outlet.

A hearty spaghetti bolognese was served for dinner in which CARP members delighted in before sharing with one another about impending essay deadlines which awaited them or the hectic nature of work life.

The audience

CARP UK would like to thank Ruth for sharing her passion with CARP and hopes that those who attended could be inspired to express their own creativity.

All the best.

The CARP UK team.

Report by Joshua McGuigan


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