G.O.D: Genuine, Original, Deeply-Rooted (1-DAY WORKSHOP)

This event is a 1-day workshop in an informal, discussion based format.
It is open to all 17-30 years aged students and youth members!

The topic is “G.O.D: Genuine, Unique and Deeply Rooted” which will be exploring what it means to have an genuine, unique and deeply rooted faith/ideal/belief/attitude/opinions.
We thought that as the ideals of liberalism, socialism, Marxist ideals and extreme individualism- some are beneficial to the individual and society in some regards, however they have taken full effect on modern campus life, the interests of today’s young people, social media, politics, entertainment and the list goes on!!

Essentially we will explore how we can be deeply rooted and authentic individuals and how we can develop our own solid way of thinking and making informed decisions and opinions on the world around.

This will be done through 2 short talks based on the first chapter of Divine Principle (The Principle of Creation). There will be ample time for Q&A, break-out sessions and lots of fun activities!!

If this interests you you’re most welcome to come along & join! Your opinion and presence matters!

Entrance Fee: £5
Membership: £0 if you are registered CARP member (£30 membership fee)

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