CARP Catch-Up: G.O.D 1-Day Workshop

CARP UK Workshop – G.O.D: Genuine, Original, Deeply Rooted

Workshop report, 25th November 2017

CARP members gathered for a one day workshop which aimed to challenge members to become “original thinkers,” by tackling the constraints society imposes.

Despite deadline season being in full swing, CARP UK held a one-day workshop for those interested and willing to take a look at social norms from a different perspective. The workshop began with members catching up over tea & coffee before Carmel introduced CARP UK, followed by Josh with an ice-breaker game.

Mr. William Haines kicked off the workshop with his talk titled: “Communism: Then and Now.” Mr. William Haines is a graduate of Cambridge University who went on to become a religious education teacher and respected lecturer. It wasn’t your typical history lesson as Mr. Haines’s two-part lecture gave an insightful view into communism’s origin and teachings – which are strongly linked to current popular trains of thought, common in our modern society and which are, to an extent, being practiced on university campuses. He challenged the audience to not get caught up in these destructive trains of thought, gave advice on how to hold your own in a debate and encouraged attendees to form their own opinions based on principles.

Beni Vitai, speaker

“How To Become An Original Thinker” was the title of the next talk given by Beni Vitai, who currently plans on enrolling to UCL University to study physics in the coming year. The talk focused on the precarious direction modern society is heading down and how we have the power to rise above it. He said: “We must be responsible and find solutions.”

“Love is now just down to acceptance but real love is wanting someone to be better, for them to realise their full potential,explained Beni. While the talk was on serious issues prevalent in our society, this didn’t stop Beni’s sense of humour from creeping into his arguments, which built on an already warm atmosphere. He voiced his concerns regarding the hyper-age we live in, which he conveyed with passion and intrigue. The down-to-earth message helped attendees reflect upon modern society and that to be an “original thinker” requires both emotion and intellect – not just emotions, which current opinions and values are largely based on. “Be true,” he concluded.

Meal time at our workshop, lovingly prepared by our cooks Sigrun and Amabel Vitai.

The workshop was brought to a close with a warm chicken curry for dinner which proved perfect as temperatures outdoors continue to get colder and colder. Positive vibes spread as both attendees and stuff helped with cleaning up before everyone made the journey home, back to hectic lives of deadlines and work-shifts.

CARP UK would like to thank both Mr. William Haines and Beni Vitai for their investment into the workshop as well as the attendees who were able to make it. CARP UK would also like to wish the best for those who have upcoming deadlines and exams.

All the best and take care!

Report by Joshua McGuigan


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