CARP Catch-Up: Action & Authenticity

Carmel Mould ‘Action & Authenticity’ CARP Talk

CARP Talk report, 6th December 2017

Up and coming musician Carmel Mould – who studies Song-writing at ICMP – delivers a down-to-earth talk on keeping it real and tackling life with authenticity.

Carmel’s inspiration is music, which provided the base for her talk. She shared how any form of expression, which in Carmel’s case is her music, is most beautiful when it comes from a genuine place. She spoke about her personal life, on her own challenges with staying true to herself and dealing with those who lacked integrity. She said – that the more our thoughts, words and actions are aligned with one another – the more complete of a human being we are. She highlighted how our actions are most authentic, in the moments when we express gratitude. Carmel encouraged attendees to reflect upon their own words and actions and that true fulfilment comes from integrity to ourselves.

The growing lack of authenticity in modern society sparked heated yet constructive debates after the talk. Discussions continued into dinner as CARP members enjoyed one another’s company along with the cosy atmosphere. Living in modern society has forced us to constantly question what we are told as “fake news” and lies grow ever prevalent, with the concept of “truth” becoming greatly shrouded. CARP UK strives to challenge the precarious direction society is heading down by empowering young individuals speak out and follow their words with actions.

CARP UK would like to thank all those who attended the talk and wishes success to all those coming to the end of their semester at university.

You can watch the full video here!

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