CARP Catch Up: The Lounge & CARP Christmas Party

The Lounge & CARP Christmas Party

Christmas party event report, 15th December 2017

The Lounge and CARP UK collaborate to host an evening of festive performances alongside delicious food and great company.

Tis the season – of woolly jumpers, Michael Bublé on the radio and of course, Christmas parties. The Lancaster Gate ballroom was decorated and lit with a festive mix of gold and silver colours, reminiscent of classy high-street displays. Attendees began to gather at 6:30pm before the MCs for the night – Carmel Mould & Joshua McGuigan – warmly greeted the audience and kicked-off the party by inviting everyone to tuck in to the seasonal dinner.

Beautiful food and decorations.

The chatter of friends catching up throughout the evening never failed to cease, as the evening allowed for attendees to kick-back and simply enjoy themselves, after months of studies and hard work. Shortly after the introduction, the first performance of the night – Victor Ray – livened up the ballroom as he performed two original songs, accompanied with a loop-pedal which was used to great effect. However, the audience weren’t just treated to one Victor, as the second performance was given by a Victor Raineri, who impressed and intrigued the audience with his bassoon solo.

Victor’s performance!

Desserts were brought out to the delight of attendees who ravished in the treats alongside a lively piano medley by Lucy which was followed by another original, performed by CARP’s very own talented song-writer – Carmel Mould. A heart-warming duet by Richard and Melanie proceeded, both of whom did great justice to the Christmas classic: ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’. Josh Aso entertained the audience as they sung along to his comical rendition of For the First Time in Forever’ from Frozen. In addition to the entertainment, all through the evening attendees were invited to pose in a seasonal photo-booth to make the celebration a memorable one.

A topical quiz came next on the schedule, which put general knowledge to the test in a competition for early Christmas presents as prizes. After the quiz, The Lounge’s band brought the evening’s festivities to a close with karaoke renditions of beloved Christmas favourites. The audience joined in, which brought a warm atmosphere into the ballroom alongside the festive cheer.

Quiz winners!

The party proved to be a success, as it allowed for CARP members & guests to get into the spirit of the Holidays as well as share in the joy of the season with one another.

Staff team!

Special thanks to Tracy Omondi, Patricia Monah and Yujin Mingala who decorated the ballroom in addition to helping out in numerous ways. The kitchen staff – Miwa Shaw, Richard Raineri, Melanie Crosthwaite & Michal Pandy – must also be greatly appreciated for all their efforts in providing the delicious dinner and desserts.

And of course, a special thanks to all those who attended and celebrated in the festive spirit. CARP UK wishes a precious time to all its members over the Holiday period and hopes to see them as we move into 2018.

Merry Christmas!


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