CARP Catch-Up: Money Earned Honourably 1-Day Workshop

Money Earned Honourably – Day Event Report

CARP UK One-day Workshop

by Joshua McGuigan

CARP members gathered to participate in a workshop which discussed the topic of spirituality alongside their careers and financial success.

Without a doubt, being able to balance financial success alongside spiritual growth is no easy feat. We live in a seemingly unfair world, where hard workers are exploited and where some people get rich quick, by barely lifting a finger. It’s difficult to feel at ease when the pressure to be financially stable is constantly looming over us. It’s easy to tell yourself that money isn’t everything in life, but as teenagers transition into adulthood, material success becomes inherently more important. Hence, CARP-UK decided to organise a workshop to highlight this broad topic, especially as CARP caters for young adults.

CARP members gathered at 2:00pm to catch-up and socialise before CARP committee members – Carmel and Beni – introduced the workshop and the inspiration behind it. Ice-breaker games followed, to allow the CARP members to find out more than they already knew about one another. Carmel proceeded to welcome up Nick Jones, an established financial planner, who gave a talk on “Money Earned Honourably”. He gave practical advice on planning for the future, investing and being smart with your earnings. Nick’s insights were thought-provoking for the CARP members, as they provided a starting point from which to begin planning towards the future. His talk encouraged questions from the CARP members, who were interested in Nick’s perspective on how money should be dealt with.

Our guest speaker, Nicholas Jones

An extended game session came next due to last minute schedule alterations – which proved hilarious. CARP members were challenged to mime people such as Donald Trump and Meghan Markle alongside obscure places, such as Uzbekistan. A positive atmosphere was upheld throughout dinner as CARP members enjoyed each other’s company before the workshop was brought to a close.

Special thanks to Nick Jones, as well as those who managed to attend this workshop. We wish to hold more workshops in the coming months.

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The crew on Saturday


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