CARP Catch-Up: Service Project At Watford Peace Garden!

Service project report, 28th March 2018

by Joshua McGuigan

CARP members brave through wind and rain in order to help prepare for the opening of the Watford Peace Garden.

The morning was gloomy, rainy and windy. Often referred to as: typical English weather. Despite these not-so-ideal conditions CARP members trekked to the north of London to participate in a service project. The CARP members were kept occupied as there was quite a bit of work that had to be done before the official opening of the Peace Garden the next day. A few of the members planted flowers while others prepared the soil for a tree which would be delivered later on during the day. Most members came unprepared for the mud and rain, yet it didn’t stop them from investing into the garden.

After three hours of hard work, CARP members were treated to coffees and cakes in the local coffee shop which gave them a chance to dry-off and warm-up. After finishing off work on the garden, CARP members joined together in the house of a local CARP member to play board games. Hilarity and intense debates ensued, followed by a hearty dinner laid on by Daniel Bateman. The evening was a great chance to relax, unwind and enjoy after the morning of demanding work.

The following day the Watford Peace Garden had a successful opening and the garden is now an area for the residents of Watford to come to delight in and appreciate nature. Special thanks to all the CARP members for their investment and to Jeff Bateman who organised the project and treated us so kindly to delicious cakes and coffees.


Gardeners from top left to right: Jeff, Ben, Paul Middle left to right: Grace, Jeong-wan, David, Kieran, Judith Bottom left to right: Josh, Carmel, Mel

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